Two Way Radio vs Cell Phones laws

One very hot topic right now is the use of cell phones while driving. Many states have adopted policies that restrict the use of using a cell phone while on the highway. I think this is a great idea as it’s really fair to assume that a ton of accidents are caused by people who can’t do two things at once.

One interesting caveat on the cell phone law is that some states bundle in mobile radios. These are sometimes known as vehicular two way radios. You will notice these radios in cabs, buses, and other fleet vehicles. Since there is no thought provoking interaction (dialing numbers, texting, etc) with mobile radios, I don’t think that they should be included.  Hawaii, for example, is not including mobile radios with their cell phone law.

There are new radio technologies out, specifically MOTOTRBO that offer some really cool bels and whistles for mobile fleets. These radios have full GPS capabilities, which allow you to manage your fleet (and productivity) from a remote location. The best thing that the MOTOTRBO series radios is that you just have to pay for the equipment as opposed to a subscription.