Two Way Radio Changes

Old School Motorola ImageI’ve been working with CommUSA for over two and a half years now and realized that the technology behind two way radios (walkie talkies) didn’t change for a long time. If Steve Jobs or Michael Dell were at Motorola, they would have totally reinvented the product years ago. Motorola changed their approach when they released a new digital product, the MOTOTRBO.

Before the MOTOTRBO, here’s a list of the new radios that have been brought to market since 2006:

  • February, 2006: Mag One BPR40
  • July, 2007: Motorola EX560
  • June, 2008: Motorola CP110

Four radio series! They do release batteries and accessories more often. I think this pattern is going to change with the MOTOTRBO series.

The MOTOTRBO series is almost like a cell phone. It has GPS functionality, text messaging and is water resistant. We tested the water resistance claim in our MOTOTRBO video. The MOTOTRBO series is open source, which is allowing for some really cool applications.