San Diego Zoo Twittering

I’m a proud member of the San Diego Zoological Society.  They have one of the two best zoo’s that I’ve been to.  Actually, I’ve only been there and the Cleveland Zoo when I was a kid.  I did deliver meat to the Cleveland Zoo for my Uncle’s company, Mahan Packing, but that’s another story.

The San Diego zoo puts out a weekly eNews letter.  It’s well constructed and one of my favorite eNews letters.  They recently began twittering.  While I just started to follow them on twitter and can’t decipher their twitter strategy, they had a blunder promoting twitter in their eNews.

This blurb was in the San Diego Zoos eNews last week
This blurb was in the San Diego Zoo's eNews last week

To elaborate on their twitter blunders:

  1. The “follow us on Twitter” link goes to the twitter home page, not the Zoo’s twitter homepage.
  2. Do you want people to join twitter or follow you on twitter?  There’s a difference between the two questions.

If the eNews subscribers are already on twitter, their calls to action should have been to instruct a #hashtag (#sandiegozoo) for all of their zoo comments.  Besides the eNews, The zoo’s tweets do seem relevant and provide value. Twitter is a great social media platform for them to be on.