San Diego AMA Event Review

I went to a San Diego American Marketing Association event on Thursday, September 17. This event was at the Hilton in Mission Valley. Andrea Connelly, SEO Manager for TurboTax, spoke about Cracking Open the “Black Box” of Search Engine Optimization.

Andrea started with a general introduction to search engine optimization. I was scared that this event was going to turn into a Search Engine 101 session! The event description made it sound like this was a more advanced session. Generally, for a good seo presentation, you have to be aware of your audience before hand. It is very hard, if not impossible, to speak effectively to beginner and advanced seo practictioners at the same time.

She did know her stuff and progressed up the SEO hierarchy. She pointed out Google Caffeine and changes that you should look for. I would love to see her in an advanced SEO session.