Mototrbo ION

What is the Mototrbo Ion

New radio from Motorola. Has the ability to run off the broadband network and is built on the android platform.

Is it a two way radio?

Yes, the Motorola Ion falls in the “Mototrbo” line of progressive, digital two way radios. It has the same push to talk capabilities as other digital two way radios.

How will the Mototrbo Ion be used?

I like this radio because it now eliminates the need for another device to be carried by the worker. For example, the worker may have needed a cell phone for chat or messaging capabilities, or to access email. Now, the Mototrbo Ion offers these same capabilities. While the Ion doesn’t have cell service, this is often not needed for many industries that only need to communicate at their current location.

Who has the best price for the Mototrbo Ion

CommUSA has always been a big Motorola two way radio player. Read more about the Mototrbo ION.