Motorola Trends

Retro Motorola two way radio creative

There are many things shaking the grounds where Motorola stands. In the past year, many cell phone corporations and other equipment companies have been trying to figure out what is the best way there is to regain their popularity and their status in the market. Motorola is one of them. While its popularity drops considerably, they leave an entire past of glory behind.

Motorola has been trying to find its way back to the surface. They’re struggling to come up with more efficient phones and more appealing advertisement campaigns for those who still don’t know about their services and products availability.

Although Motorola is within the top decliners list with a Stock Exchange drop index of 2%, their top engineers have been working the hardest they ever had. They’re trying their best to keep up with their competitor’s technology and at the same time looking for fresh material themselves, so they can also build up new trends.

Motorola has held a solid lead on the two way radio product line. They introduced feature rich radios like the Motorola XPR6550 in the winter of 2007 and have been building on its platform yearly.

There’s a new Motorola mystery phone that has brought a state of great commotion to the world’s media. The anticipation of the company’s newest cell phone has been making the speculative investment increase around the company, bringing Motorola’s name back into the game. This mystery phone is called Motorola’s A3300 and it has launched in China. The new phone’s operating system is Windows based, proving that Motorola has not given up on their old partner entirely, something that will compel Windows admirers and supporters to purchase more Motorola phones than the competitors’ options.

The countries where Motorola seems to have the most recognition are Argentina, Venezuela, Romania, Russia and Malaysia. Their sales have been increasing in those countries while dropping in US.

Many other endeavors from Motorola top executives are also bringing the company into a new world of promising associations. Blockbuster has just proclaimed it officially that their OnDemand service will be available as an app on Motorola phones exclusively. This combination between the two companies will bring a new audience for their new products. The new phone owners that will enjoy the use of a fully equipped Motorola cell phone will also be able to enjoy movies whenever they want. This partnership seems promising since both of these companies have been struggling with sales and popularity drop in the past year.

Motorola has also teamed up with Google as a new way to bring attention back to their electronics. The company’s first smart phone is equipped with an Android engineered by Google that will be used as the phone’s operating system instead of Windows. For Motorola this is a way to bring back all its glory and make this corporation profitable again.

Due the tragedy of Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan, Motorola has announced a large contribution to the victims of this recent tragedy, giving away US$50,000 to the Federation of Red Cross for relief aid. The Taiwan based Motorola employees also participated in many fundraising activities coming up with an extra US$33,000 to the International Federation of Red Cross. The company keeps finding different ways to bring the spotlight back to their work whether it’s in the technological or humanitarian field.

Whether Motorola is going to be able to get back on their feet by regaining the market’s trust with their new products or not is still unclear. But there’s no doubt that this company has a history of bringing innovation and new ideas into the world, stirring the competition and creating new opportunities for an advanced technological growth. All we have to do now is wait and hope that whatever Motorola is going through will be over soon so their efforts will not be in vain.