Motorola SL300 Review

I’ve been associated with two way radios for roughly eight years now. It seems like Motorola Solutions has entered into a “Moore’s law” period where new product quality and technology is doubling every two years. Their latest release, the Motorola SL300 has features that you would only expect from a movie.

What impresses me most about the SL300 is that the radio’s display is behind the casing (or housing).


The “staff” lettering is appearing from a LCD display that lives behind the radio’s casing. There is no actual display that could potentially break or shatter. Furthermore, the letters are larger and more legible. The Motorola Solutions team also took into consideration general operating usability with this design too. Buttons are larger and placed in areas where the hand can quickly access its features.

On top of the hardware with the SL300, its software utilizes MOTOTRBO technology. This is the digital two way radio technology that can integrate with your IT networks and other communications systems.

Prior to the SL300, MOTOROLA launched the CP200d. This is the replacement for the CP200, which will be phased out shortly.

I like the SL300 for industries such as education and hospitality. It is very discreet and can be carried around like a cell phone.