More Motorola CP two way radios

Motorola is continuing to release more CP Series two way radios in to their portfolio. Recently, they launched the Motorola CP185. The Motorola CP185 has been received with warm reviews, as the two way radio is getting better reviews than the Motorola CP200, which is Motorola’s best selling two way radio.

Two way radio communicators like the fact that the Motorola CP185 is a display. Battery strength and radio signal indicators are viewable from the display. Other Motorola radios, such as the CP200, do not have a display.

I was surprised that the CP185 didn’t come with a water resistant casing, like the Motorola CP110, which was released in late summer, 2008.  I am curious if Motorola will continue to build the CP product line or if they will add some new radios to the Mag One series.