Gutenberg Content Enablement

Show me the layout and I’ll create the content.

This is the paint by numbers approach to writing terrible content.

Design follows content.

What are your thoughts on Gutenberg?

I’ve been building WordPress sites since 2006. Its hard to believe its been its been 14 years. Historically, you needed a web developer to create an engaging layout. Gutenberg provides drag and drop features to allow the Content Editor to tailor the page layout to their content.

How is Gutenberg in Drupal?

The Drupal Gutenberg module is coming along, although not integrated like its WordPress big brother. Our agency has evolved from a WordPress Agency, to a Drupal Agency, to a hybrid WordPress and Drupal agency! We still have ~65% of our clients on Drupal, as that is the platform for their Enterprise Business.

Drupal has always lagged in the content editing space. Having our foot involved with WordPress over the years has allowed us to keep up with best practices and