Gutenberg Content Enablement

Show me the layout and I’ll create the content. This is the paint by numbers approach to writing terrible content. Design follows content.

Cutie Pies Austin Food Truck

Officially hopping on the food truck wagon. Excited to see this food medium evolve from fairs and construction sites to high quality foods.

San Francisco’s Marina District

When Visiting San Francisco, always make sure you check out their convention schedule. When Oracle World or Sales Force’s yearly convention are going on, you will be hard pressed to find a room. Fortunately, there always seems to be an open room in the Marina District, my home away from home in San Francisco.

Its Summer!

Parking will be bad by the beach, but May Grey / June Gloom is gone!

Petco Park

Petco Park is one of my favorites when you are sitting anywhere besides the outfield. There’s just too much concrete. I they would use more brick, similar to the Western Metal Building, it would do the park wonders.