Motorola Trends

There are many things shaking the grounds where Motorola stands. In the past year, many cell phone corporations and other equipment companies have been trying to figure out what is the best way there is to regain their popularity and their status in the market. Motorola is one of them. While its popularity drops considerably,… Continue reading Motorola Trends

Happy Birthday HermsDigital

It’s hard to believe but Hermsdigital as been around for a year. To give you some background, HermsDigital was the first name for my company. After blogging for a couple of months, I decided that BigTuna Interactive was a better fit for my San Diego Interactive Agency professional services. I would continue to blog on… Continue reading Happy Birthday HermsDigital

Get a Google Profile

Google recently started adding individuals Google profile to the search engine results page (serp). Everyone who is half way interested in managing their online reputation should sign up for one asap.  If you have a Google profile, it will appear at the bottom of the serp. I’m a huge fan of this Google program as… Continue reading Get a Google Profile

San Diego Zoo Twittering

I’m a proud member of the San Diego Zoological Society.  They have one of the two best zoo’s that I’ve been to.  Actually, I’ve only been there and the Cleveland Zoo when I was a kid.  I did deliver meat to the Cleveland Zoo for my Uncle’s company, Mahan Packing, but that’s another story. The… Continue reading San Diego Zoo Twittering

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Digital Healthcare Alliance Launched

One of the biggest beneficiaries of this year’s stimulus act is going to be the electronic digitalization industry.  Two industry giants, EMC and Fujitsu have co-sponsored a microsite developed by BigTuna Interactive. The Digital Healthcare Alliance is a source to demystify the stimulus act. As we stand, many details of the stimulus act are still… Continue reading Digital Healthcare Alliance Launched

Vertex radio comparison

Vertex Standard recently launched a new two way radio, the VX-230 radio series.  This radio is very slick when you compare its features to a Motorola two way radio. A leading two way radio expert recently gave me his thoughts: If you compare size and durability, I would say the BPR40 or the CP185, maybe… Continue reading Vertex radio comparison

San Diego Coffee Shop Review

After the first month of being an entrepreneur and running San Diego Online Marketing Agency, BigTuna Interactive, I have started setting up my portable office (MacBook Pro, BlackBerry Storm, shades and yours truly) at coffee shops around town.  Below is a review of the locations that I’ve hit up so far. Cafe 976, Pacific Beach.… Continue reading San Diego Coffee Shop Review

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