Motorola SL300 Review

I’ve been associated with two way radios for roughly eight years now. It seems like Motorola Solutions has entered into a “Moore’s law” period where new product quality and technology is doubling every two years. Their latest release, the Motorola SL300 has features that you would only expect from a movie. Tipping my cap to… Continue reading Motorola SL300 Review

My Favorite Walkie Talkie Site

We recently launched a new Drupal website for our longtime client CommUSA. When I first moved out to San Diego in the early winter of 2005, I was fortunate to hook on with CommUSA as their Marketing Coordinator. After a year, I became their Marketing Director, which evolved into more of an Interactive Director position.… Continue reading My Favorite Walkie Talkie Site

Motorola Trends

There are many things shaking the grounds where Motorola stands. In the past year, many cell phone corporations and other equipment companies have been trying to figure out what is the best way there is to regain their popularity and their status in the market. Motorola is one of them. While its popularity drops considerably,… Continue reading Motorola Trends

Vertex radio comparison

Vertex Standard recently launched a new two way radio, the VX-230 radio series.  This radio is very slick when you compare its features to a Motorola two way radio. A leading two way radio expert recently gave me his thoughts: If you compare size and durability, I would say the BPR40 or the CP185, maybe… Continue reading Vertex radio comparison

More Motorola CP two way radios

Motorola is continuing to release more CP Series two way radios in to their portfolio. Recently, they launched the Motorola CP185. The Motorola CP185 has been received with warm reviews, as the two way radio is getting better reviews than the Motorola CP200, which is Motorola’s best selling two way radio. Two way radio communicators… Continue reading More Motorola CP two way radios