San Diego

UCSD Tree House


Parking at UCSD crazy. For the 2013 Drupal Sandcamp at UCSD, I literally parked by the ocean and walked through the woods. Along the way, I saw this Treehouse in the sky.

Deschutes Brewery Keg Yacht


The Deschutes Brewery Jumbo Keg was in Mission Beach yesterday. I saw this world wonder on Sail Bay, near the Santa Clara Rec Center.

Years ago, I was in Bend, Oregon for the AAF Western Region Conference and we visited the brewery.

Olive Cafe takes over Volteros


One of our offices favorite lunch spots was taken over by our other favorite lunch spots today. Volteros was taken over by Olive. While Olive does have better food, and their owner is as nice of a lady as you will ever meet, we will miss Volteros.

iHop Express downtown San Diego


iHop Express in the Gaslamp? The corner is a tough location, as businesses seem to turn over often. It seems like an odd spot for a chain restaurant. I haven’t eaten at an iHop in a while, but will reserve my judgement until then.

San Diego Ad Clubs Account Planning Seminar


One of my mentors, Greg Joumas moderated the Account Planning seminar hosted by the San Diego Ad Club. Key takeaways:

  • The account goal should always be to create value to the brand, product and audience.
  • Planning has evolved from getting a person to buy something to pursuing value to a persons live and creating brand advocates
  • You have to be a good story teller
  • The planners project path is information, inspiration, creative and evaluation

I wasn’t a big fan of buzz words network, curate, cultivate that came later in the presentation!

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