San Diego Ad Clubs Account Planning Seminar


One of my mentors, Greg Joumas moderated the Account Planning seminar hosted by the San Diego Ad Club. Key takeaways:

  • The account goal should always be to create value to the brand, product and audience.
  • Planning has evolved from getting a person to buy something to pursuing value to a persons live and creating brand advocates
  • You have to be a good story teller
  • The planners project path is information, inspiration, creative and evaluation

I wasn’t a big fan of buzz words network, curate, cultivate that came later in the presentation!

Responsive WordPress Theming

Updating the old Hermsdigital blog! Its been a while since I hit the bloglines. This past year has been an awesome year for my Interactive Agency. Anyways, I plan to experiment more with responsive themes, html5 and keep current with WordPress. We’ve moved to more Drupal and ExpressionEngine development in the past year, but I intend to keep this blog on WordPress

SXS Best!

Ok, Its been a while since I’ve updated the Old HermsDigital blog. I am in the process of giving it a face lift and am excited to kickoff a new blogging program. Stay tuned!

2011 was my 2nd year for attending SXSW. This video is a hysterical account of how people actually act during the conference. I’m guilty to RSVP’ing and hunting for the perfect BBQ party!

The big brother in your brain

The big brother in your brain: neuroscience in marketing session at South by South West needed some work. In summary:

  • Danielle said basically a bunch of medical terms that were over most marketers (at least this one’s head).
  • Dr. Pradeep showed a really cool video which woke up the crowd.

On a whole, I wasn’t impressed at all with this session. The panel was too scripted and didn’t provide a lot of value.