Motorola Trends

Retro Motorola two way radio creative

There are many things shaking the grounds where Motorola stands. In the past year, many cell phone corporations and other equipment companies have been trying to figure out what is the best way there is to regain their popularity and their status in the market. Motorola is one of them. While its popularity drops considerably, they leave an entire past of glory behind.

Motorola has been trying to find its way back to the surface. They’re struggling to come up with more efficient phones and more appealing advertisement campaigns for those who still don’t know about their services and products availability.

Although Motorola is within the top decliners list with a Stock Exchange drop index of 2%, their top engineers have been working the hardest they ever had. They’re trying their best to keep up with their competitor’s technology and at the same time looking for fresh material themselves, so they can also build up new trends.

Motorola has held a solid lead on the two way radio product line. They introduced feature rich radios like the Motorola XPR6550 in the winter of 2007 and have been building on its platform yearly.

There’s a new Motorola mystery phone that has brought a state of great commotion to the world’s media. The anticipation of the company’s newest cell phone has been making the speculative investment increase around the company, bringing Motorola’s name back into the game. This mystery phone is called Motorola’s A3300 and it has launched in China. The new phone’s operating system is Windows based, proving that Motorola has not given up on their old partner entirely, something that will compel Windows admirers and supporters to purchase more Motorola phones than the competitors’ options. Continue reading Motorola Trends

Don’t wear flip flops on the beach

Don't wear flip flops to the beach

It’s beach season again in San Diego. If you don’t want to look like a tourist, let me give you one piece of valuable information: DON’T WEAR FLIP FLOPS ON THE BEACH.

Wearing flip flops on the beach is the leading cause of crunchy gum and sand in your eyes. The sand in San Diego doesn’t get hot, so take the flip flops off.

Joakim Soria’s site launched

Check out the official site of Kansas City Royals closer Joakim Soria. I’ll write more about the details of his launch in my BigTuna Interactive blog. So far, the blog lines have had positive reviews of its launch.

The fun thing about this type of site, is there are many passionate baseball fans (like yours truly.)  Do you ever read the comments on sports sites?  I actively read and follow Paul Hoynes, Bud Shaw, Terry Pluto and friends.  I know Hoynes from my travels with the Indians. The comments left are almost better than the articles themselves.

Happy Birthday HermsDigital

It’s hard to believe but Hermsdigital as been around for a year. To give you some background, HermsDigital was the first name for my company. After blogging for a couple of months, I decided that BigTuna Interactive was a better fit for my San Diego Interactive Agency professional services.

I would continue to blog on HermsDigital for various topics, including Motorola walkie talkies, the San Diego Golf scene, Ad 2 San Diego, the Professional Baseball Video Coordinators and more.

This blog is a lot of fun and I’ll keep pumping out the content. More online marketing topics will be found on my BigTuna Interactive blog as I won’t be writing any more of them for HermsDigital. In the near future, I plan on giving this site it’s 4th redesign and pimping out the layout even more.

Two Way Radio vs Cell Phones laws

One very hot topic right now is the use of cell phones while driving. Many states have adopted policies that restrict the use of using a cell phone while on the highway. I think this is a great idea as it’s really fair to assume that a ton of accidents are caused by people who can’t do two things at once.

One interesting caveat on the cell phone law is that some states bundle in mobile radios. These are sometimes known as vehicular two way radios. You will notice these radios in cabs, buses, and other fleet vehicles. Since there is no thought provoking interaction (dialing numbers, texting, etc) with mobile radios, I don’t think that they should be included.  Hawaii, for example, is not including mobile radios with their cell phone law.

There are new radio technologies out, specifically MOTOTRBO that offer some really cool bels and whistles for mobile fleets. These radios have full GPS capabilities, which allow you to manage your fleet (and productivity) from a remote location. The best thing that the MOTOTRBO series radios is that you just have to pay for the equipment as opposed to a subscription.

Get a Google Profile

Google recently started adding individuals Google profile to the search engine results page (serp). Everyone who is half way interested in managing their online reputation should sign up for one asap.  If you have a Google profile, it will appear at the bottom of the serp.

Bottom of the SERP for my name
Bottom of the SERP for my name

I’m a huge fan of this Google program as it gives you greater control of your search results page.

San Diego Zoo Twittering

I’m a proud member of the San Diego Zoological Society.  They have one of the two best zoo’s that I’ve been to.  Actually, I’ve only been there and the Cleveland Zoo when I was a kid.  I did deliver meat to the Cleveland Zoo for my Uncle’s company, Mahan Packing, but that’s another story.

The San Diego zoo puts out a weekly eNews letter.  It’s well constructed and one of my favorite eNews letters.  They recently began twittering.  While I just started to follow them on twitter and can’t decipher their twitter strategy, they had a blunder promoting twitter in their eNews.

This blurb was in the San Diego Zoos eNews last week
This blurb was in the San Diego Zoo's eNews last week

To elaborate on their twitter blunders:

  1. The “follow us on Twitter” link goes to the twitter home page, not the Zoo’s twitter homepage.
  2. Do you want people to join twitter or follow you on twitter?  There’s a difference between the two questions.

If the eNews subscribers are already on twitter, their calls to action should have been to instruct a #hashtag (#sandiegozoo) for all of their zoo comments.  Besides the eNews, The zoo’s tweets do seem relevant and provide value. Twitter is a great social media platform for them to be on.

Digital Healthcare Alliance Launched

One of the biggest beneficiaries of this year’s stimulus act is going to be the electronic digitalization industry.  Two industry giants, EMC and Fujitsu have co-sponsored a microsite developed by BigTuna Interactive. The Digital Healthcare Alliance is a source to demystify the stimulus act.

As we stand, many details of the stimulus act are still unknow. The Digital Healthare Alliance offers a video explaining the hitec act as well as a portal to find out how ready medical practioners are for electronic medical records.

Vertex radio comparison

Vertex Standard recently launched a new two way radio, the VX-230 radio series.  This radio is very slick when you compare its features to a Motorola two way radio. A leading two way radio expert recently gave me his thoughts:

If you compare size and durability, I would say the BPR40 or the CP185, maybe the CP200 but it’s much better when it comes to durability and audio quality, but not size.  If you look at features, then it compares somewhat to HT series, PR860 and EX series, but those are 10X the radio when it comes to everything else.

This radio intrigued me, because those comparison radios very greatly in functionality. Since Motorola owns Vertex Standard, it will be very interesting if they keep producing these hybrid/multi-functional radios.

San Diego Coffee Shop Review

After the first month of being an entrepreneur and running San Diego Online Marketing Agency, BigTuna Interactive, I have started setting up my portable office (MacBook Pro, BlackBerry Storm, shades and yours truly) at coffee shops around town.  Below is a review of the locations that I’ve hit up so far.

  • Cafe 976, Pacific Beach. I love this spot. Free wireless, good drinks and excellent food.
  • Courtyard Marriot, Mission Valley. Obviously not a coffee shop, but they have a kick ass lounge on the bottom level. This is a great spot to have a business meeting in San Diego.  Free wireless.
  • Starbucks, 5th and F. Two levels in a really cool building.  Internet is $3.95 for 2 hours, which is a total rip off.

Alright, so I have only been to 3 spots so far.  Keep in mind that I’m not a coffee drinker!  Future spots include Zanzibar in PB, plus locations in La Jolla.  Will report on them in the future!