12 year Anniversary

This Hermsdigital blog has been neglected over the years and has always taken a back seat to life. I do intend to keep it more current with pet projects, web trends and overall life updates. A few notes: Our company, BigTuna Interactive, turns 13 in the summer in 2021! We’re no longer the “young and… Continue reading 12 year Anniversary

Gutenberg Content Enablement

Show me the layout and I’ll create the content. This is the paint by numbers approach to writing terrible content. Design follows content.

Motorola SL300 Review

I’ve been associated with two way radios for roughly eight years now. It seems like Motorola Solutions has entered into a “Moore’s law” period where new product quality and technology is doubling every two years. Their latest release, the Motorola SL300 has features that you would only expect from a movie. Tipping my cap to… Continue reading Motorola SL300 Review

Cutie Pies Austin Food Truck

Officially hopping on the food truck wagon. Excited to see this food medium evolve from fairs and construction sites to high quality foods.