Motorola Wave on Cloud – TLK 100

Motorola has a release a two way radio that functions similar to a cell phone; without the bells and whistles of a cell phone. The model is the Wave on Cloud TLK 100, and it is a push to talk radio that utilizes the Verizon cellular network. This is innovative in that its a rugged two way radio, and will allow workers to communicate instantaneously across various job sites with no border restrictions. Its a lot like the Nextel radios but with the ruggedness of Motorola quality, and Verizon infrastructure.

Motorola SL300 Review

I’ve been associated with two way radios for roughly eight years now. It seems like Motorola Solutions has entered into a “Moore’s law” period where new product quality and technology is doubling every two years. Their latest release, the Motorola SL300 has features that you would only expect from a movie.

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CP200d Radio from Motorola Released

Motorola released a CP200d two way radio this past week. The radio has MOTOTRBO digital features, but is in the CP family, which is Motorola’s best selling two way radio family.

The interesting thing here is how Motorola is executing brand extensions. Its rare to see a legacy product family have a new product introduced, roughly 10 years after it’s original release. Its a testament of the brand and product line. If the product line was not strong, then they would have released it within a different, or newer, product category.

Two way radios are a very niche subject and market, but they have always been an interest. Motorola has been the leader in this space for a very long time, and the product itself was the base for other communications products.

My Favorite Walkie Talkie Site

We recently launched a new Drupal website for our longtime client CommUSA. When I first moved out to San Diego in the early winter of 2005, I was fortunate to hook on with CommUSA as their Marketing Coordinator. After a year, I became their Marketing Director, which evolved into more of an Interactive Director position. They have two niche sites in the Motorola two way radio industry, and CommUSA focuses on high-end two way radios, like the Motorola SL7550 and staple radios like the Motorola CP200.

Two Way radios are an interesting product because they have been the bread and butter for Blue Chip company Motorola for a very long time. They are essential communication tools, especially in the event of natural disasters and other situations when cell phone towers go down.

It was a fun site to work on because we worked collaborately with CommUSA’s management on the UX and to make products easy to find and filter. Our Drupal Agency utilized Drupal 7 to build out the site. Check it out!